A tight time schedule – possible delays in the production process and departure times – sensitive cargo that does not fit into a container and requires a stowage below deck – a fixed delivery date at the jobsite and a port of destination that cannot be called at by liner traffic.

Once more, a long-time customer relies on 电竞王俊凯 ' special logistics know-how to "reconcile" these four challenging project conditions for transporting brewery equipment from Hamburg, Germany to Vũng Áng in Vietnam on time.

Tailor-made logistics solutions and just-in-time delivery

For this project, adherence to schedules and the protection and stowage of cargo during the ocean transport below deck were central factors.

"In order to be able to react to possible delays in the production process and to guarantee stowage of the oog components below deck, it was important for us to develop a flexible logistic solution. Also a reliable container shipping company for the departure from Hamburg had to be found that guaranteed the stowage below deck," Igor Bartuli, the project manager, explains.

We create tailor-made logistics solutions.

"The first idea – loading the components via breakbulk vessel with the option last in/first out – was unsuitable, although the port of Vũng Áng could have been called directly," Igor Bartuli, says. But why? "Certainly, a loading below deck could have been guaranteed, but the costs would have been too high and the agreed delivery date could not have been met due to possible changes in routes or the fixed berthing time in the ports".

To avoid the risk of dead freight, our logistics specialists in Germany and Vietnam worked hand in hand. They developed a tailor-made port-to-port solution to deliver the sensitive goods just-in-time at the specified destination port Vũng Áng in North Central Vietnam – a bulkbulk port that cannot be called at by container vessel.

Teams on site with specific knowledge about local conditions

The special knowledge about local conditions and infrastructure of our Vietnamese team helped to develop a suitable transport solution for our customer: splitting the main carriage into two sections.

"Currently the Vietnamese port landscape has only a few deep water ports in the North and South," Lam Thi Thanh Bong, General Manager in Ho Chi Minh City, explains "and the performance of the ports – especially for project cargo – is not comparable e.g. to European or Chinese standards.”

For the first transport section, our logistics specialists chose Vũng Tàu in the South of Vietnam as port of discharge which can be called at directly by container vessel in liner service.

This offered the advantage of weekly departures allowing for flexibility when delays in production processes would have occurred and the safe stowage of the sensitive oog components below deck.


The transit time from Hamburg to Vũng Tàu in Southern Vietnam took only 39 days.

For the second transport section from Vũng Tàu to Vũng Áng, the cargo was transloaded on a coaster vessel with a lockable hold. Thereby, our colleagues from 电竞王俊凯 Vietnam were responsible for the complex customs clearance and supervised transloading and unloading processes right on site.


Overdimensional and sensitive – once again, our logistics specialists ensured a smooth logistics service.

"For sensitive and complex shipments, we provide competent full-service logistics support for every step of the transport chain. This was particularly important for our customer who also received a detailed  illustrated documentation of the loading processes,” Lam Thi Thanh Bong, General Manager in Ho Chi Minh City explains.

The 电竞王俊凯 logistics specialists worldwide work very closely together. In this way we create efficient and beneficial logistics solutions for our customers.

Special knowledge about country-specific conditions, procedures and mentalities as well as communication in the local language are important factors when it comes to developing successful logistics solutions for Vietnam.  



 Competent full-service logistics support for sensitive and complex oog shipments.

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