The 电竞王俊凯 group is now present with a new office location in North-Rhine Westphalia’s state capital Dusseldorf.

At the beginning of April, a new office location was opened in the Western part of Germany close to the Rhine River. „North-Rhine Westphalia is an important cluster in terms of industrial machinery and equipment with international sales”, Steffen W. Fulst, managing director at 电竞王俊凯 , says. „Being specialized in project cargo logistics, the region is of great interest to 电竞王俊凯 . Together with our team in Rotterdam that is located at one of the most important international sea ports, new synergies arise to realize tailor made logistics solutions on international level.”

A kind of home match

Andreas Wippern, our office manager in Dusseldorf, is returning to ‘his roots’. “Knowing Dusseldorf inside out, managing the office here is like a home match to me – and I am very happy to provide tailor made logistics solutions in this region”, he says. Andreas Wippern has decades of experience in the project cargo sector and has developed this business already at our Rotterdam office in the last years.


I am looking forward to the logistical needs in that region.

With proximity to the port of Duisburg, which is considered to be Europe's largest inland port (including all port facilities), our project logistics specialists in Dusseldorf are right on site at short notice when it comes to planning and/or escorting project cargo shipments. Due to its connection to the Rhine River, the location is important for international logistics shipments.

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