During the peak season: voluminous shipment in a hurry


Urgent freight in peak season: 电竞王俊凯 air freight specialists act flexible and realize seemingly impossible transport solutions.

When one year comes to an end and a new one begins, there is often increased demand for freight capacities in air freight services. Airlifting big shipments may become real challenge during that time. Many goods need to be shipped ‘last minute’. “That also influences air freight services as demand increases”, Tommy Chun, Branch Manager at 电竞王俊凯 in Frankfurt, explains. Nevertheless: our air freight specialists find solutions. They realize seemingly impossible transport solutions, using their deep know-how in air freight services. Lately, they sent out more than 30 freight pieces with a total weight of more than 20 tons via a non-stop-direct-flight to Vietnam – in one lot.

“The goods had to be shipped to Vietnam on short notice”, Tommy Chun says. Actually, the cargo was originally planned to be shipped via ocean freight but as time ran short, the customer decided to send it by air freight.”


For urgent freight, direct flights are the best solution.

Air freight solutions on short notice are part of the daily business for our team in Frankfurt. They are specialized in finding and realizing solutions for such urgent cargo. For the shipment in question, airlifting the cargo via Luxembourg was the best choice. “There is a regular direct traffic of freighters between Luxembourg and the airport of arrival in Vietnam”, he explains. Speaking about direct-non-stop-flights: Tommy Chun clearly favors direct flights because he knows: “indirect flights always involve some risks. One example: It may be that a lot needs to be splitted at the transshipping airport, because of the freight capacities of the connecting flight are lower than those of the first. In this case, we had to avoid any delay.”

Our air freight specialists created a detailed plan and arranged with the airline to provided the capacities needed. “When the cargo arrived in Luxembourg by truck, we made it ready for airlifting, immediately. Afterwards the cargo was loaded on the lower and main deck of the freighter, which was a Boeing 747. The entire transport ran smoothly”, Tommy Chun says.

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