Around the world for delight


Logistics solutions for oversized industrial plants and machines are one specialty of the logistics experts of 电竞王俊凯 .

But it has not to be equipment for the building industry, for example. Some plants and machines are constructed for more filigree functions like the cultivation of mushrooms. Our project specialists lately shipped a cultivation plant for mushrooms “around the world”.

A door-to-door concept

Tomatoes, cucumbers, mushrooms – much is cultivated in the Netherlands and distributed on the international market. Therefore, the producers take advantage of modern technology like cultivation plants for mushrooms which they built in the Netherlands for the worldwide distribution. Lately a cultivation plant had to be shipped from Groningen, Northern Netherlands, to a small town in the South of Canada. Our project specialists in Rotterdam created and realized a door-to-door concept for shipping the plant.

“When talking about transportation of plants and machines, a cultivation plant for mushrooms does not come to my mind – that is why it was an interesting order”, Andreas Wippern, Head of Business Development in Rotterdam, says.

Out of gauge on a containership

The shipment consisted of two components: one component was 8,7 x 3,75 x 3,35 meters tall (length, width, height) and had a weight of around 14 tons, the other had a size of 7,7 x 4,2 x 3,25 meters and a weight of 12,5 tons. “Both parts were stowed on flat racks at the customer's factory and trucked on low-loaders to the dispatching port of Antwerp. Due to the customer requirements, a packaging was not necessary”, says our project specialist.

At the port of Antwerp, the shipments were stowed below deck on a container ship. “As the freight was unpacked, stowage below deck was necessary”, Andreas Wippern says. At the port of Vancouver, the components were discharged and transshipped on conventional trucks for the on-carriage. “From door to door, the transport of this interesting commodity ran smooth”, Andreas Wippern summarizes. “Hopefully, the Canadians will enjoy their meals!”

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