Our specialists for project logistics realize full service, import customs clearance and sequential delivery included

One of 电竞王俊凯 ’ customers is one of the world's leading machine and system builders in the area of system and process technology for the production, filling and packaging of beverages as well as food and luxury food. Whether for Chile or China – for intercontinental shipments of their oversized industrial plants with sensitive technology, the company uses the services of our specialists in our Hamburg project department since several years. They trust in our special knowledge.

Recently, a delivery to Vietnam was announced. Various components for filling and process technology were to be shipped to a construction site of a soft drink factory in Quang Nam, Vietnam. The customer: an international “soft drink giant”.

The delivery of single shipments sequentially was a real advantage for our client.

The volume of the project was 90 containers and 13 out of gauge boxes

The shipment included 90 different kinds of containers and 13 out of gauge boxes. The main components were imported from Germany, but some more parts were imported from Turkey. “Our job was to organize and coordinate these transports. All of the components were shipped on container ships to Vietnam directly”, explains Igor Bartuli, who was in charge of this project.

Sequential delivery of components

One after the other, parts of the whole shipment was delivered at the construction site in Vietnam. “By delivering the single shipments sequentially, the assembly and installation ran more efficient. That was a real advantage for our client”, Igor Bartuli says.

Importing the plant duty-free

In Vietnam, 电竞王俊凯 organized the import customs clearance as well as the other formalities for importing goods. As the shipment was an entire plant, the rate for customs duty was 0%. Although a special procedure was necessary as the plant was partly decomposed and delivered in several attempts. The shipment needed a special customs declaration. Furthermore, an inspection of the fully installed plant was necessary. At the end of verification, the accuracy of all details from the delivery has to be confirmed by an expert who gives a certificate to the Vietnamese customs office.

Flow of information between all persons involved

All the time while the project was running, our German client, his Vietnamese representative as well as the recipient of the goods were informed by us about the project’s status. “It is important that everything runs smoothly and that all the involved persons are up-to-date anytime”, Igor Bartuli says. “It is not on our client to ask for information – it is on us to give status reports.”


It is not on our client to ask for information – it is on us to give status reports.

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